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Losing access to your main website and having to put major corporate announcements on hold will put any brand—bet it big or small—in hot water. Shan Foods came to us with this challenge. They wanted a complete website redesign and extra time wasn’t a liberty they were willing to lend us. The brief was simple but divided into three parts: firstly, they wanted to announce the plans for a global expansion for the upcoming quarter through their website; then for the brand to deliver a message of quality and stability to their potential distribution partners abroad; finally they also wanted the website to be region-specific so visitors of certain areas will only see selected products available locally.

We had to make time: we cut meetings short, worked on briefs as soon as they arrived and designed with twice the urgency. Our productivity went up—so did the caffeine intake. Any other agency would quote 3 months or more considering the magnitude of the task, but we wrapped the entire website up in 50 days!

We built a custom plug-in for the website, allowing it to detect visitors based on their IP addresses and route them to their regional website, where they would be shown only products that were available in their region. The UI had a fresh look and appeal, and the design became a noteworthy success in the local market, particularly in the spice-manufacturing industry. The new website hosted more than 500 product entries. The website resonated with the brand image and cemented Shan Foods as a business mindful of its digital presence in the international realm.


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