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Making digital banking effortless

Revolutionized e-banking for Allied Bank and its customers

Creating a seamless web experience for digital banking customers

Allied Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan with more than 1200 branches and 50 products. The bank engaged CC for a 2nd time in 6 years for uplifting the image and upgrade its website from a design, development, integration and security aspect.

The bank wanted not only to portray its image and equity as one of the largest banks in the country, but also to create a seamless web experience for the elderly, visually/hearing impaired and audiences that want to explore the website in a language of their choice. We delivered the website, which had over 700 pages, within the stipulated time frame. that was designed and developed with the intention of uplifting the banl’s image through superior user experience, design and seamless integrations of many complext features and applications.

Customized landing pages for multiple campaigns at the same time, widgets that were strategically placed across the website to facilitate cross-selling of ABL products/services, fully customized branch locator, highly optimized load time for mobile use, icon and visual design, are some of the components that were delivered. This ensured that the website was used as a lead generation tool and not just as an information hub.

The website became the first in the local banking industry that had complete English and Urdu support but also the first banking website in Pakistan to have text-to-speech capability, developed to facilitate people who have difficulty reading on screens.


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